Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 new pages


Cleapatra has these amazing blue eyes and her facial expression made me only think of one word "INTENSE". At the time of this photo Nefferteari and Cleapatra were watching America's next top model. So, we did a mock photo shoot, the girls posing. They are sooo funny!!!

Initially I was going to use some lollipop flowers. But, I felt that they were to playful for the theme behind the layout. I used Snow Writer on the edges of the black cardstock and pattern paper mimicking the lollipop flowers that I ended up not using. I still like the effect of the Snow Writer on this page.

This is Delilah and me on Mother's Day. She was super bald in this!!! Her hair is starting to grow in little by little.

I absolutely love this color know..with purple being my favorite color and all!!

Just a close up of the flowers. I added some stickles to give a little sparkle.

The butterfly is Chipboard. I added stickles to this also.

Thanks for taking a peek


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