Monday, October 5, 2009

Photo Morphs and a layout

I'm totally addicted to sufing etsy. While surfing, I found this shop where she can morph your photos!!! Being the fantasy lover I am and having NO clue how do this myself, I bought some..heehee!!
This is Nefferteari as the "Night Elf". Kinda scary but cool!!

This is Cleapatra as an "Aquarius". Although she is a!! But, I always love Clea in blue.

Then, of course, my sweet little Delilah as a "Fairy". Totally adorable!!

Elijah doesn't want to get morphed. He wanted to be two -face, but she only has the Joker.

The shop is called MyMagicMe. Jen is super nice. She is on vacation right now, but when she gets back I'm going to morph myself into a Zombie!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!! Stay!!!

So, here is a page I did with Nefferteari's picture. 1 down 2 to go

I made the little butterflies!

You can find these Holiday Berries at my etsy...

Thanks for taking a peek!!


Darien said...

Really Fabulous! love it!

phamil said...

Wow Ang, those are cool, but I agree the night elf is kinda creepy!!! Delilah is adorable!!! Love the page, and you....a zombie?!?!?! LOL! Gotta see it!!!