Thursday, April 22, 2010

Silent Thoughts

I got my new Swirlydoos kit for May. The colors are of rich reds and black. So, I had to use my Zva Creative Black Crystal Flourishes. I used a picture from Nefferteari's "photo shoot". I placed a black sheet behind her for a more dramatic look. I like the way it picture came know for an amateur and all.

Silent Thoughts

The new Zva Flourishes are made with a little black rhinestone flower at the ends. So cute!!

I took out the centers of the petaloo flowers and added some roses from my stash.

Around the circle I uses Zva's crystal strands. I have these stick pins at my shop that match the kit perfectly!!

And these nylon butterflies.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!


Carmen said...

WHAT? Pffft! You're SO NOT an amateur! Your work is just incredible and you inspire me! Love the flowers and the crystal strands...and the hat pin is just gorgeous too.(btw, so are your have beautiful children) Oh, and I like the way you cut around the leaves on the white paper...very effective detail!

Blabber Keys said...

Amateur???? I think not - absolutely inspirational. Now I know what I'm going to do with that stick pin I bought from your Etsy store! :) Thanks for generously sharing!

wendyscrap said...

When I see your work, I don't think you are a amateur, you are amezing, I love your work, they are all beautifull.
I like the color's that you use for this layout, really hot, I'm a huge fan.
PS: I'm sorry for my English, but I hope you have understand me

Rbarakat said...

Wow! Gorgeous lo!

Tina said...

Gorgeous lo, beautiful photo, as always!!! Awesome work w/that kit!!