Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sooo busy....long post!!

First off, I'm gonna warn ya, it's gonna be a long one!!!!!

So, I have the kids home from Spring break. On top of that we've had three birthdays and Easter!!! Between making stuff for my shop I've been up to my ears in what seems like the never ending day. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids to death, but when the four of them are all together it's like they've had sugar rush ALL DAY but with no sugar!! I swear I can't even take a leak with someone knocking on the door asking if I've seen their Bella Sara cards. Ah, my kids, I love them sooooo!!!

Well, Nefferteari's birthday came first. My little diva turned 12. Holy Smokes!! TWELVE!!! Next year she'll be a teenager, full of attitude. Oh wait, that's her already!! LOL!! Really, she's not that bad. She has this thing where she just LOVES to roll her eyes!!! It's cool, I still do it...probably where she got it from...heehee!! So for her "photo shoot" I told her to roll her eyes all she wants! Oh you know....I'M SO SCRAPPING THIS PIC!!

Michael's birthday was next. I didn't get a picture, the guy is never home! He's graduating May 15th. So you know I'll have a shit load of pictures then!!!
Aww, here is my handsome little Sonny!! He turned 6!! This little guy melts my heart!! He is the sweetest, most honest,loving, respectable boy you'll ever met! He is so well behaved and he loves me soooooooooooooo much!!!
I don't have any pictures for Easter because we just all stayed home and did absolutely nothing together!!! It was the greatest day!!!!

I finally got some me time and did a page!! Yay!!!
I used the Swirlydoos Manufactures Spotlight Kit...which was Prima!!!!
Young Beauty

For the longest time I always wondered how Gabrielle did the woven ribbon. I tried it a few times and it was so bulky in the back. She did a tutorial on her blog and it was like a light went on!! It's two holes not one!! Lol...check out her
blog you'll know what I mean.

I ♥ stick pins! If you have the right color of beads you can match any pin with a page.

This is just a close-up of the paper tearing and rolling.

I really didn't like the center of this flower, so I ripped it out and added the Prima page pebble.

If you didn't die of boredom finished reading this post...THANKS A BUNCH!! You're a sweetheart!!
♥♥♥ Angelica


Darien said...

It wasn't that long!!! And I know what you mean when everybody is at home. I have 2 teens and a 2 yr old at home, so it get very chaotic!!!!

Beautiful lo!!!! Love the pics!! Cant wait to see what you do with Nefferteari's picture!!!!!

LISA said...

My goodness...You have been busy girl!!! I love the new LO...Beauty..I havent even touch the spotlight kit yet...I know a little about being busy...And I only have one left at home...(tear) But seriously, your work is amazing!!
♥ L

Jane said...

What a stunning LO Angelica!!! wow your so talented girl!! A page like this would take me a month...and I still wouldn't get it right!!!
I can't believe how big your kids are getting!!!

Karen Wilson said...

I made it to the end!!!! lmao. It wasn't THAT long. You have been a busy bee, jeez lousie! Nikki was on spring break 2 weeks ago and om my goodness! Having her home all week with Jayden was just overboard! That girl is up your butt, love her to death but ah!! then she pushes jayden's buttons and gets him going. It's a battle! Thank god it's over! But wait, summer is around the corner!! oh fun! ok quit rambling Karen, this lo is nothing short of beautiful! Love that line and all the reds! Gorgeous gorgeous!

Jackie Anderson said...

You are so funny Ang! Sounds like a great Easter! I so love your stick pins... gorgeous!

Lorraine said...

Your LO's are stunning. A real pleasure to look at.

Stay True To God said...

Hey Angelica!! :)

I loved reading this!! You're so funny and sooooo real!! Your Neferteari is an adorable "tween-ager"!! Please tell her she can have $10 worth of goodies from my store.

Have fun... those kids will be all grown up before you know it...

Big Hugs,


Paulien van den Bosch said...

OMG.... Your DD is getting more beautiful by the day.... Thank god Michael will be graduated by this May.... He sure will have to kick the boys from the door.......

Love that precious photo of your cute son.

and your page......... wow wow wow.... perfection!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa aka Raining said...

Gorgeous lo Angelica! Love your story of your kids being home! I always want to shoot myself when mine are together on vacations! LOL

Tina said...

LMAO............KIDS, sounds like my house!!!

I LUV that photo of your dd, rolling for eye's!! It's such a beautiful photo. Your little CUTE!!!

The lo is so BEAUTIFUL.....luv it!!!

Debbie said...

Gorgeous page and sounds like you had a fun week!