Thursday, October 7, 2010

Distressed Scallop Edges Tutorial

Hi all!! I'd thought a do a quick tutorial on how I make my distress scallop edges. There are plenty of other tutorials out there, this is how I do it!! It's really easy and leaves such an awesome look to your pages.

I use the Bazzill Scallop Cardstock as my template.

Place the template on the back of your pattern paper and trace.

Following your trace marks, cut out.

Ink the edges. I use Chalk Eye Chestnut Roon.

I usually use my Zutter to distress large edges. But since this is a tight area I use a little scraper. Just run it along the edges. You can also use scissors.

Turn your pattern paper over and ink.I always ink the back of my pattern paper when I know I may be folding over.

Mist the edges with water, Glimmermist or whatever kind of mist you have.

Now, just fold or pinch the edges. Heat for faster drying time.

This is what it looks like done.

When applying to your background paper make sure the scallop paper is dry. Otherwise it may warp.

Here I just alternated the scallops that I folded.

Hope you try this technique!!!



Stay True To God said...

Great tutorial Angelica... thank you! I've been wanting to try some water distressing. Your pages are adorable and so are your girls!! :) God bless & big hugs... Tracy

Darien said...


LISA said...

Ang, Fantastic tutorial!!! I love doing the scalloped edges,as they are one of my fave designs and I love the way you distress the scallops!!! And your LO's are gorgeous!!

Karen Wilson said...

Thank you for sharing, great and easy way to achieve that distressing!!

Dora said...

ow it is beautiful thanks for the tutorial!

Cheryl said...

Love this!!

Barb said...

This is lovely! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial. This is my first visit to your's beautiful!