Thursday, May 6, 2010

Layered Flower Tutorial

As promised, here is the layered flower tutorial. It's really easy to do and fast to get done.

Here are the supplies. I know that the cricut has a cartridge that has these similar shapes.
You'll need to punch out 3 of the big flower, 1 of the "leaves" and 2 retro flowers.

Ink all the edges. I like to ink the back also because it will help with the curling.

Score the back of the petals of the 3 flowers

With 1 of the flowers, snip of one of the petals. Curl the edges with a toothpick or whatever you have around.

Put glue on the bottom of the snip and clip the two petal together. Overlapping just a little.

While that is drying curl the tip of the petals of the other 2 flowers and fold the petals in so you have a flat center.

Pinch the ends of the petals at the score lines to give a crease.

Layer one flower on top of the other. Be sure to alternate petals.

Now, with the retro flowers curl the petals in.

Layer them on top of each other, again alternating the petals.

Take the snipped flower and glue it on top of the other two.

Then, the retros on top. You can put whatever you want in the center..brad, button, crystal.

For the leaves I just pinch the tips.

Glue the bottom piece on and you're all done!! You can fluff it up more once it dries, add stickles or glimmer mist for the final touch.

See, simple to do!! Hope you try it out!!!

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Darien said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial!!! I love these flowers!! And I really Want to try them!!!!


Carmen said...

These are really cute flowers...and so easy to make. Right up my alley! Thanks for sharing! :D

Lynn Mercurio said...

Fantastic tutorial Angelica! I also loved your music. Normally, I take off immediately when there is music on a blog, but you just can't go wrong with classical music in my opinion. I left your site up while I was surfing just so I could listen to it. HA!

Jillian Deiing Cassity said...

ohhh angelica, what an amazing tutorial, im so going to give it a try!! :) I'm SO excited to get to be on the zva dt with you, yay!!

Tabbetha said...

Angelica, this is such a great tutorial! going on my favs list! Thank so much for sharing! Beautiful flower!

LISA said...

Gorgeous!!!!! TFS....I know a secret!!!!!....And I am sooooooooo excited!!!!!

Jules the Bling Princess said...

Hi Angelica, just stopping by to say hello. Your flowers are amazing - I am definitely going to have to give them a go. And "your babies" are adorable. I'm looking forward to working with you at Zva. Cheers, Jules.

Tina said...

Those flowers are soooooo PRETTY, TFS:)


yalana said...

Very beautiful flowers!!! Thank you for the tutorial!!!

Julia said...


Maria Fernanda Corral said...

es muy hermoso todolo que haces me inspira y te agradezco que nos muestres los tutoriales